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Stroud & District Cricket Association

Knock Out Cup dates

Prelimary Round  

Tuesday 5th June

Frocester Fayre Knock Out Cup

1sr Round Tuesday 19th June

2nd round Tuesday 26th June

Semi final Tuesday 3rd July

Final Friday 13th July

Willow Turf Care Plate

1st Round Tuesday 19th June

Semi final Tuesday 26th June

Final Friday 6th July 

Everyone is in Prelim round, which determines if you then play in Cup or Plate competition

Changes to Laws of Cricket
Below are some links to the changes that come into effect for the following season
  • Players’ guide to the key law changes –(overview, length 5:41)
  • ECB ACO Summary of Law Changes –(length 19:54 – at 7:26 there is a very relevant section about bouncers, beamers and above waste high full tosses)
  • Law 42 – Player behaviour online tool (player conduct) – this section takes you through a step by step process of how to deal with poor player behaviour and the various levels involved
  • Bouncers and Beamers (and high full tosses)

  • The League Secretary and SDCA committee would like you to note:-

    Law 42 deals with unfair play - 47.1 deals specifically with full tosses and the change in procedure - removal of bowler after two high full tosses whereas it used to be three, and the pace of the bowler no longer matters
    Also, accuracy doesn't matter (it never has) - if it is high and several yards wide, it is a no ball and the warning procedure starts - A BEAMER IS A BEAMER

    Law 21 No ball - 21.7 states that it is now a no ball if it bounces more than once or rolls along the ground (before the popping crease) whereas it used to be bounce more than twice

    21.7 also deals with a new reason for giving a no ball - if a ball pitches partially or wholly of the pitch (10 foot wide pitch as opposed to the 8 foot 8 inch wide batting crease) that should be called no ball (that would have been a wide before)

    u12 Indoor competition

     Overall Winners

    Frocester u12's 

    League A winner Frocester   runner up  Frampton
    League B winner Quedgeley and Hardwicke  runner up Cam

    Frocester Fayre Knock Out Cup Winners 2017


    Willow Turf Care Plate Winners 2017

    Haresfield Gladiators

    Bowling Restrictions for youth playing in senior cricket
    Under 13 - 5 overs max per spell and 10 overs max per day
    Under 14 and under 15 - 6 overs max per spell and 12 overs max per day
    Under 16 to under 19 - 7 overs max per spell and 18 overs max per day
    Applies only to medium and fast bowlers relative to their own age group, not slow bowlers

    The Stroud District Cricket Association was formed in 1966.

    It now consists of 30 clubs of which 12 clubs also enter teams in our youth competitions.

    The senior clubs play in 3 divisions, knock out cup and evening league.

    In the youth section there are leagues for u11, u13 and u15’s while the u9’s play at festivals throughout the season all information is on the youth page

    Cancellation Point Deductions

    The penalties for matches cancelled for reasons other than adverse weather will, for the 2015 season onwards, be on a sliding scale.
    For the first such cancellation, the penalty will be a 5 point deduction from the team that has had to cancel, with the award of 20 points to the other team. 
    For subsequent cancellations, the penalty will rise by 5 points each time - a 10 point deduction for a second cancellation, a 15 point deduction for a third cancellation, and a (maximum) 20 point deduction for any cancellation after that.
    The award of 20 points to the team not responsible for the cancellation remains the same for each and every instance
    Should any club need to cancel a match for other unforeseen extenuating circumstances, the SDCA committee will rule as to the necessity of any points deduction